Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Vintage shopping.

Went vintage shopping today. A lot of people always have the misconception that vintage shopping is buying other people's used clothes. But actually vintage shopping is about buying old new stock. Like buying new clothes in an outdated style. Remember to ALWAYS try on vintage clothing. Vintage shopping could be very rewarding as you may chance upon some amazing amazing clothes! Here's a trick, you always HAVE TO dig through EVERYTHING before you find something that is suitable.

Here's some places in Singapore that are top spots for vintage shopping.

1. Deja Vu Vintage 
There are many shopping centers that house classy vintage shops, for example, Deja Vu Vintage (located in two malls, The Cathay and Millenia Walk). Brightly colored shirts, dresses and tops -- Deja Vu Vintage has it all. They even carry quaint accessories that scream old school, including feather headbands right out of "The Great Gatsby".
#01-18 The Cathay (Picturehouse at Dhoby Ghaut), 2 Handy Road, tel +65 6333 6630

2. Haji Lane
On the other hand, if you're looking to explore something out of the ordinary, then it's no contest -- Haji Lane wins hands down for great local finds. Expect rows of small boutiques packed with classic dresses, bags, shoes and even cameras. Prices are great and the range is, well... just make sure you have plenty of browsing time for the following stores:

Dulcetfig & Loft 

Take Dulcetfig for example. Owned (and run) by the chic Lovie Wong, this little boutique stocks vintage dresses (ranging from S$50) and clutches, both first and secondhand. Dulcefig is just one of the many in the lane, and others, like the Loft, offer affordable vintage dresses, accessories and cameras. Owner Colin Chen Deneng, says that his clothes are imported from many Southeast Asian countries and Australia.
“Our market is quite niche, and our customers are always regular. They come here for a specific purpose,” Deneng says.
Dulcetfig 41 Haji Lane, tel +65 6396 5648
Loft 16A Haji Lane, tel +65 6297 0169
Soon Lee
There are shops like Soon Lee, which target vintage apparel lovers who also want a touch of contemporary design in their clothes. Says co-owner Sharon Cher, “When we choose our apparel, we are very mindful of aesthetics -- we want our clothes to be classic and modern. It's the middle ground we're aiming for.”
56 Haji Lane, Level 2, tel 6297 0198
Rusty Buttons & Ohsofickle 
As you walk the stretch of Haji Lane, you'll find many other shops such as Rusty Buttons and Ohsofickle, all potential treasure troves. And it's not only the vintage boutiques that you'll be drawn to. Littering the streets are quaint shisha (better known as the Egyptian hookah) cafes, as well as many Turkish restaurants. It's definitely an afternoon or three.
Rusty Buttons 30 Haji Lane, Level 2, tel +65 8108 5018
Ohsofickle 34 Haji Lane, Level 2, tel +65 6297 9834

3. Cyber vintage
However, if you're not looking to leave home, then let your cursor do the walking and hit up online shops like TskyeThe Dressing Loft and Swirl. From tops, skirts and dresses, these web sites stock a comprehensive range that's updated frequently. 

And personally, i love this site, as it has loads of vintage inspiration that i always refer to. (:

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