Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 fashion review.

hello guys, today i shall do a fashion review based on what i have seen both in magazines and on the street.

So the top trends are:
- Anything lace
- Leather (from leggings to biker jackets, they're everywhere)
- Vintage romace ( maxi skirts, nude colours, brown shoes, dresses, totes, hobo bags, purses,clutches, you get the idea. )
- Exotic folk (tribal prints)


  1. Hey! Lovely blog and thanks for visiting mine (: I definitely agree about the tribal prints and the leather. So excited for them, although the hot weather in Sydney right now is terrible for the latter.

    1. In singapore is tropical all year long, is sydney in spring right now? :D

    2. Sydney is in summer right now, haha!